Are You Keeping The Promise To Your Organization? You Should Ask Your People Their Opinion.

You made the promise “I am going to surround you with people that can answer YES to seven fundamental questions” now you need to audit and improve… and rinse and repeat every 3-6 months. We are here for you.

Create your free account today so you can monitor your progress over time by asking all of your individual contributors their opinions with the 7 Question Engagement and Culture Survey™


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The Seven Fundamental Questions™

  1. Do I Belong? 
  2. Do I Believe?
  3. Do I understand and embrace what I am Accountable for?
  4. Do I understand and embrace how I am Measured?
  5. Do I understand and embrace how I am Heard?
  6. Do I understand and embrace how I am Developed?
  7. Do I understand and embrace how I maintain Balance?

Make Your Promise For Your People

Everyone, I am making a promise. A promise with your help I will keep. I am promising to surround you with people who know they Belong, who Believe in what we are doing, who understand and embrace how they are Accountable to you and everyone else, who get how they are Measured, actively share their thoughts and want to be Heard, always have an attitude of growth and want to be Developed and are free of drama because they are Balanced. This is the kind of organization I always dreamed of and the one, with your help, I intend to build and protect.

Audit and Improve

Real-time reporting allows you to see your results and understand areas for improvement. Create a plan that maps back to the tools in your Organizational Operating System.

  1. Where are we the strongest?
  2. Where are we the weakest?
  3. Which area has the biggest deficiency?
  4. What should be our first priority?
  5. What tools should we sharpen?